Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) / Sustainability

ESG Reports

2017 ESG Report
2017 Sustainability Data & Activity Metrics


KMI Board EHS Committee Charter
Environmental, Health and Safety Committee assists the Board in fulfilling certain of the Board’s oversight responsibilities by, among other things, overseeing management’s establishment and administration of the Company’s environmental, health and safety (EHS) policies, programs, procedures and initiatives, including those that promote the safety and health of its employees, contractors, customers, the public and the environment, and reviewing periodically with management the Company’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen and its efforts to employ sustainable business practices consistent with the Company’s business purpose and values.

EHS Policy Statement
The EHS Policy statement’s intent is to reinforce the commitment by Kinder Morgan to EHS principles.

    Kinder Morgan Methane Reduction Commitment
    See our 2017 ESG Report for an update on our methane reduction activities.

Kinder Morgan Statement on Climate Change
As an energy infrastructure company, we recognize and expect that future energy demand will be met in part by a growing proportion of renewable energy sources. Today, the world still relies on fossil fuels for the vast majority of its energy needs. While delivering access to the secure energy the world needs, we are committed to doing our part to address climate change concerns

Kinder Morgan Biodiversity Policy
Kinder Morgan recognizes the many important benefits provided by healthy and diverse ecosystems for our environment as well as our company, our employees, and the communities in which we operate. We strive to minimize impacts on biodiversity in areas where we work and/or operate.

Contractor Environment/Safety Manual
This document provides all contractors with the minimum Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) standards required while working on and/or adjacent to Company premises.

Gas Pipeline Incidents
The data in this report represents the number of Department of Transportation (DOT) reportable Incidents and DOT Incident data categorized as a Rupture per 1,000 miles of Transmission and Regulated Gathering pipe that Kinder Morgan operates.

Releases from Onshore Pipeline Right-of-Way
The data reflects releases that occur on pipeline right-of-way. The rates represent the number of incidents per 1,000 miles of pipe; the number of barrels spilled per 1,000 miles of pipe; the number of incidents per billion barrel miles through pipes; and, the number of barrels spilled per billion barrel miles. All rates are through pipes that Kinder Morgan operates.


Human Rights Statement
Kinder Morgan is committed to respecting human rights and conducting business in an ethical manner, consistent with our company’s core values of integrity, accountability, safety and excellence. These values are the foundation that allows us to maintain a respectful environment for employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and stakeholders.

Indigenous Peoples Policy
Kinder Morgan respects the diversity of culture and unique history of Indigenous Peoples. We recognize the legal and constitutional protected rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Community Relations Policy
At Kinder Morgan, we believe our neighbors, governments and communities play an important role in how we conduct our business. We strive to build and maintain healthy relationships throughout the areas where we operate.

Kinder Morgan Foundation
The Kinder Morgan Foundation funds programs that promote the academic and artistic interests of young people in the many cities and towns across North America where Kinder Morgan operates.

Public Awareness Program
KM’s public awareness program provides pipeline safety information to the affected public, emergency officials, local public officials, and excavators.

Employee Safety
This information is reported by business unit using 12-month and three-year average rates, and is generally referred to as the company's employee safety statistics. It lists Kinder Morgan's performance and the industry average according to sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics or the American Gas Association.

Kinder Morgan Contractor Safety
This data is compiled and updated on a quarterly basis and reflects incidents incurred while performing work at Kinder Morgan worksites or on a Kinder Morgan right-of-way. It lists Kinder Morgan contractor performance and the industry average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Kinder Morgan Diversity and Social Investment Programs
Kinder Morgan seeks and values a diverse workplace. We support equal opportunity employment and take affirmative action to employ and advance in employment all persons without regard to their race/ethnicity, sex, veteran status or disability and base all employment decisions only on valid job requirements. Additionally, we support programs in our communities and conduct training for our employees to foster corporate citizenship and diversity.

Kinder Morgan Human Capital Development Programs
Kinder Morgan prioritizes the health and safety of our employees every day. We also encourage and support continuous learning and professional development of our employees by offering training, tuition reimbursement, and other programs.


Corporate Governance
Kinder Morgan's corporate governance guidelines reflect the company's commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of securityholders, employees, customers and other people with whom we do business.

Operations Management System (OMS)
Kinder Morgan’s OMS captures our important operational objectives and expectations into a single management system. A management system is a framework that an organization uses to direct and control work to achieve its objectives in an intentional and continual manner.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Kinder Morgan's Code explains many of the basic rules that apply to how we conduct our business and serves as a valuable resource guide to help ensure that our employee’s actions are representative of our expectations and values.

Annual & Quarterly Reports
KMI Annual and Quarterly filings with the Security and Exchange Commission.